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Peruvian Trails and Tales

Explore, discover & experience Peru’s most unique and breathtaking landmarks with trips of a lifetime!


Group and Personalized Trips

Discover the most popular and not so popular - but magnificent - sites in Cusco, while immersing yourself and your family in the Culture and History of Cusco, Peru.

Language Immersion Trips

Learn and practice your Spanish language skills with certified teachers and staff. Customized learning activities while you experience the Culture and History of Cusco, Peru.

Lima City Tours

Explore Peru’s capital and its famous cuisine, history, and culture!

Explore The World

Travel opens your eyes and helps you learn who you are. It creates meaningful relationships and helps you learn new languages. But most of all, traveling is adventure worth having.

Upcoming tours & destination

Our next tour will take place in the amazing Costa Rica in December!
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